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The life of a nineteenth century priest has a profound effect on the future of a couple in 2012. Together, these intertwined stories will take you on the journey of DISCOVERY.

Father François Bérenger Saunière is a rogue and a man of mystery. He arrives in the medieval mountaintop village of Rennes-le-Château in 1885 with nothing but his imagination, yet mysteriously amasses a great fortune and builds an extraordinary estate. A note left in the church wall by a predecessor directs him to an ancient scroll jar, which contains a papyrus and small parchment. Telling no one but his companion Marie, he brings the parchment to his old friend Father Antoine Gélis. When the elderly priest is brutally bludgeoned to death and the parchment disappears, Saunière finds an ingenious way to hint at what he discovered, and buries the urn with the papyrus sealed inside.

Dr. Giselle Gélis, a French biblical historian like her father before her, has almost made peace with her insulated life as she heads for middle age. Enter Dr. David Rettig, an American archeologist with the soul of a poet, who urges her to take a chance on him, and love. At Giselle’s request, they vacation in the south of France—where residents believe the woman they call Marie-Madeleine lived out her life after the crucifixion—soaking up the history of the medieval villages and hoping to learn more about Giselle’s murdered great-great-uncle. They are blissfully unaware of being watched.

While exploring a cave not far from Rennes-le-Château, they stumble on the first century scroll jar, initiating a cascade of events that will shake Giselle and David’s world.