“To be an artist is to believe in life.” ~ Henry Moore

The paintings on this page represent a cross section of my work over time.

The little landscape entitled “Grandpa, Watch with Me,” is a visual metaphor for the poignant bond between grandfather and grandson. It is accompanied by a haiku, written on the obverse:

Seasons parade by
Each comes and goes and is replaced
Grandpa, watch with me

The larger abstracts are meant to communicate an emotional state and evoke a response in the viewer.

I am represented by Gallery 23 in Blairstown, New Jersey.

Reproductions can be purchased on

Grandpa, Watch with Me
Grandpa, Watch with Me
Stardust and Fireflies
Stardust and Fireflies
Moonlight Serenade
Moonlight Serenade
Yes to Love
Love in Any Language
Love Triumphs
On the Wings of a Dream
On the Wings of a Dream
Abiding Peace
Rising Up

Mysterious Depths
Of course I Care
Below the Surface
Diamonds of the Sea
Like a Glass of Champagne
Make a Wish
Ambrosia of the Cloudiest Day

Making Magic

Love Songs on the Breeze
Autumn Blessing
Reaching for It
A Taste of Honey
On a Lighter Note
After the Storm

Saltier than Expected
The Giveaway

The Owl and the Pussycat
Winning in the End
The El
Sea Anemone
Buried Treasure
Lost and found
Even in the Dark
It All Rushes By
Snowflakes, a magical
Unique and beautiful
Creation ready to
Change the
Landscape or
Build a Snowman

Playin’ Stride Piano
The Big Slide Trombone