About the Author

I love stories. I love to hear them, read them and tell them. I love traveling on the byways of my mind, not knowing where I’ll wind up. For me, there is no greater adventure.

Before I could write, my little sister obligingly listened for hours as I spun the tales and illustrated the adventures of Wilmer the Pigeon. By the time I was in fourth grade I had written a play entitled The Black and Blue Christmas, the story of a department store Santa, performed (to great acclaim) for the entire school. I suppose it helped me make peace with admitting that Santa wasn’t “real” (although as an adult I’ve often made the case that he is as real as anyone else you choose to believe in—at least his spirit is). I felt empowered by writing, creating stories strictly from my imagination, and I thought it might be my calling.

Later, in high school, I became enamored of the visual arts and the theater, and thought my future lay somewhere in that world. But as an adult, life took a sharp turn, and I decided to go to medical school.

I attended The Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, first did a residency in pediatrics, then psychiatry and ultimately psychoanalytic training. It’s a daunting privilege to bear witness to another human being’s life, to listen to each unique story, and via our joint understanding, enable change. But, even this very creative and gratifying endeavor isn’t a substitute for my passion to create art.

Writing DISCOVERY has been an opportunity to merge the gifts of my imagination with my years of trying to give meaning to the complexities of the human condition. It’s fueled the creation of multifaceted characters that are, I hope, people you come to care about, who are psychologically sound and believable. Fiction and factual research, perception and invention swirl together on the pages. Understanding what people believe, about themselves and the world around them, is more relevant now than ever before, and it’s my fantasy that this novel can become part of the contemporary conversation.

Most importantly, I hope you will find DISCOVERY a fun read. It’s a celebration of independent thinkers, of kismet, of free will and the magical force we call love.

I’ve written (and illustrated) many children’s books over the years, solely for the pleasure of the children in my life. THE STORY THAT NEVER ENDS is particularly beloved by those kids, and with their encouragement, I’ve decided to try to offer it to other children. It’s a simple flight of fancy into a magical realm that will stay with the reader forever.

I’ve included a few paintings on this website because they are another part of who I am.

My husband and I live in Greenwich Village, New York City and Blairstown, New Jersey.