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The Story that Never Ends

The Story that Never Ends is an illustrated adventure/fantasy series that grows with the reader. The early “installments” (about 575 words each) are written for beginning readers, and each successive “installment” is a little more challenging than the previous one. It’s done in subtle increments, but as reading skills and intellectual capacity increase, the story offers a child the pleasure of following familiar characters on their fantastical adventures in an age appropriate way.

Teddy and his grumpy, talking cat, Sir Prize, live in Rainbow Land. Teddy has a special gift; he can hear things other people can’t. He and Sir Prize set off very early one morning, cookies and gold fish snacks in hand. Teddy rests on a rock (Rock-It) who sings to him and tells him there is a problem down at Rainbow Lake. The boy and the cat come to a fork in the road (of course it’s a visual pun) and follow the path to Rainbow Lake. The adventure has begun! In the second installment Teddy meets Greenie, a friendly witch who is guardian of Rainbow Lake; the pot of gold at the bottom of the lake has disappeared and the very existence of the rainbow is at stake. Can Teddy help save everything?

So begins a very long, convoluted adventure replete with jokes, puns, dilemmas to solve and magic. The cast of characters include Taffy, Teddy’s sister, Flash, his cousin, His Grand Slipperiness (an evil banana), WOW, the Wise Old Witch, the Switches (witches that can morph into spiders and back again), Sand-witches, Twiggy, part boy part tree, Pops, the flying, time traveling grandfather clock (time flies!) and many, many others. There is imprisonment, trolls, magic buttons, smelly Queens, stolen goblets, time traveling and lots of opportunities for our hero to be a hero.